Carry Cuddles Ltd
Registered Address
Twyn Cottage,
Mill Lane,
CV35 0LA
Company number 11095199

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Carry Cuddles offers a range of services including Workshops, One-to-One Consultations, Sling Hire, Sling Libraries and Sling Meets

  • A private one-to-one consultation

    1 hr


  • A full package including antenatal and postnatal consultations

    1 hr


  • Do you have a few friends that also want to learn about babywearing?

    2 hr

    Contact for a quote

  • A quick 10 minuite fitting check on either your own carrier or a hired...

    10 min


Bookings made with Carry Cuddles Ltd are made in accordance with our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy, copies of which can be found here. Once a booking has been received you will receive an email asking for you to agree to these Terms and Conditions.