My name is Victoria May, I am a Mum to two boys, Biggest is 5 and Littlest is 3. I came to babywearing when I was pregnant with Littlest. Biggest is a very busy little boy and I couldn’t fathom how on earth I was going to be able to give this new baby all the cuddles that it needed whilst simultaneously running around after Biggest. I had only carried Biggest for a few weeks in a high street carrier until he got “too heavy” and I didn’t know about Sling Libraries so I stopped carrying him.  Roll on two years and I had seen various friends carrying their children in various and thought that a stretchy wrap was the way that my new baby would be able to get the cuddles it needed.


I attended a stretchy workshop with the lovely Claire Hughes and bought myself a stretchy wrap. When Little was just 3 days old (this is that very first carry cuddle) and wanted cuddles and Biggest wanted to play trains, I decided to give it a first try, Little instantly settled off to sleep and I was able to play with Biggest. From that moment on I was hooked. My stretchy wrap was a life saver as it turned out that Little has a dairy allergy and was very unsettled until we worked this out. He cried less if he was in the sling and slept better. It was a winner on all accounts!


After borrowing a Manduca from my local NCT Sling Library, I bought myself one. I loved carrying Little and it meant that Biggest and I could go off on adventures wherever we felt and Little could nap in comfort and also be a part of our adventures, exploring with us.

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A few months later the NCT Sling Library was looking for a new volunteer, I knew I wanted to learn more about Babywearing and this was the perfect opportunity for me. A few months went by and learning more and more I took over the Library along with one of the other volunteers.  I learnt such a lot from running the NCT library but found myself wanting more and I knew I wanted to become a Consultant.


I have completed both my Peer Support training and Consultancy training with the School of Babywearing. This is the only externally accredited babywearing consultancy course and as such I am fully trained (a Level Three Qualification) in the practical use of slings and carriers as well as the principles of babywearing, anatomy, physiology and development for babywearing. I am also fully insured.


Both boys love to have a carry cuddle either in arms for Biggest (as he is getting too big for a sling!) or sling for Littlest and it is my mission to help you to find the perfect Carry Cuddles for you and your child.

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Carry Cuddles is based in South Warwickshire and I cover Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwick, Leamington Spa, Banbury and Chipping Camden. If you are outside of those areas please do get in contact to discuss your requirements.